Cappadocia – A Magical Place on Earth

Cappadocia is a place best known for its vast and dreamy landscape, with hot air balloons floating in the background. During our trip, we did not have the chance for hot air balloon flight but we managed to see the beautiful landscape in 2 different versions – with and without snow.



Sultan Cave Suites 

We stayed at Sultan Caves Suites Hotel, after our stay at Museum Hotel. The pictures above are the open area opposite our hotel. Of course I had to get some pretty shots with this awesome scenery. 🙂

Their rooftop terrace view was amazing, covered with snow. Their complimentary breakfast offers a decent spread in a cozy room; you may want to visit during summer and you get enjoy breakfast in a photogenic setting with rugs and cushions.



We have our very own private firewood and we got them to set up for us during the night.

The main mode of transport would be car or taxi, as there’s no public transport. We booked a half day tour via Sultan Caves and went to a number of places. I would recommend getting a driver to take you around as it is really difficult to drive in the snow and wet grounds. In addition, it would take a local to know Cappadocia well in order to navigate around.

Pigeon Valley

You would have seen this iconic tree fully decorated with”evil eye’. It’s named the Evil Eye Tree. But there’s nothing evil about it. The evil eye is perceived as a form of talisman for good luck, to ward off bad luck. In Turkey and Greece, you can see this in many forms such as , necklaces, bracelets, key chains, displayed in shops and homes as well.


Goreme Open Air Museum

Thereafter we moved on the Goreme Open Air Museum, which is a vast collection of historical monasteries and cave churches. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this place was really impressive and breathtaking. It was a challenge with every step we take, especially going up the rocky landscape that’s covered with melting snow. There were many times whereby we almost slipped and fell.


You get to see fascinating paintings on the but most of the caves do not allow photography/videography of the interior frescos. You would also need some patience to take turn to go into and out of the caves.

We took a rest at one of the cafes in the cave and it was quite cool! Definitely a respite from the cold out there.

I supposed you would need at least 1 hour to explore this open air museum, taking into consideration the traffic and slippery slopes.

Cavusin Village

Our driver then took us to the next stop which was a visit to Cavusin Village. It is an old, quaint town with a different perspective of Cappadocia. There sits a huge rock wall, and there’s a hiking path to the TOP of the hill for those who wants an IG worthy shot. But I wouldn’t recommend to take this risk in winter. In fact, the government had some work done to protect the falling boulders.

We explored the place and chanced upon this hideen gem @hediyelik_dukkannn at cavusin (Cappadocia old village) and he invited us in to this cave house/shop for tea. He’s very hospitable and explained to us the origin of his cave house. Of course we supported him by getting awesome tablecloth and head scarfs. He was nice to offer complimentary necklace to me. 😄 #supportlocals

Thereafter, we went to @ikman_hediyelik (@galerieikman) for some awesome drone shots! If you want more details, do head over to my detailed entry here.

created by dji camera
created by dji camera

We tried our dinner at 2 separate place in Cappadocia – both awesome and reasonably-priced!

Topdeck Cave Restaurant

It’s considered off-peak season but this family-run restaurant was fully packed! I would strongly recommend you to book in advance to secure your seats. We were lucky enough to be able to walk-in and get seats before it got packed. You get to enjoy a traditional Turkish dinner, at this cozy cave eatery. It has table seating and floor seatings on the cushy seats and carpets.

They provide a taster for soup (free) before you decide if you want to order the full-size soup. In addition, they gave you a house salad and our main was chicken with rice. Be prepared to be blown away by their food! If I’m not wrong, they are probably the top-rated restaurant in Goreme, Cappadocia. They have 2 resident cats stationed outside, watching over the kitchen! Haha

It’s just a 5-minute walk away from Sultan Cave Suites. If you visit Cappadocia, do drop by.

Another dinner place we get to try, was located in Kelebek Special Cave Hotel. It’s closer to Sultan Cave Suites. The Cappdocia view was mesmerising at night. Love their hummus; cheap and good.

More photo ops! Thanks to insta-fiance 😄

I have bought this glittery cape but didn’t have the chance to use it during our shoot so here goes!

With a tripod and self-timer, you can do these shots yourself! These shots are taken just outside our cave hotel whereby we have the porch all to ourselves. So while it is still snowing, I happily set up my tripod and took these shots while he napped. Lol.

So our trip in Cappadocia has come to an end. We will definitely come back again, probably summer time to catch that hot air balloon flight but in the meantime, these photos of memories shall suffice.