Milan 4D3N Adventures

Milan is a much calmer and less-touristy place as compared to Rome. In our opinion. We concluded that it was a good end for our trip.

We took a train by Trenitalia from Rome to Milan to Centrale Station. We stayed at Just Hotel Milano and it was really convenient as it’s few minutes away from the station. There’s quite a few train providers but after researching, we have decided to go with Trenitalia and it was really clean and good.

Our first stop was Duomo Cathedral. We got the tickets to the rooftop directly and enjoyed the moment there. Of course there’s queue but it’s manageable.

The weather was colder in Milan and it dropped close to zero at night. I was running back to the hotel from an eatery because it was really too cold! Haha

After exploring duomo area, we went back to our hotel area for a fine dining place named Osteria Mamma Rosa. It’s recommended by our hotel and a search on TripAdvisor has proven that we need to be there to experience it. So we had a 10-min walk to the restaurant. It was deserted at night but was crowded at the restaurant!

Customer is expected to deposit the coat at the entrance as well. I’m in love with their Parma ham and panda cotta! By the time they served the beef slices, I was so so so full.

I’ll highly recommend you to drop by this awesome place for a meal and you won’t regret it. Best to reserve in advance as we waited for half an hour.

The day after, we went Sforza Castle which is a good place for art enthusiasts. We took leisurely strolls throughout the museum/exhibition and enjoyed the art pieces and the history.

We spent 2-3 hours there and enjoyed our coffee at the cafe located inside the castle. In Italy, you can choose to drink over the counter while standing and the price of the coffee will be cheaper.

We explored the place around Sforza Castle and found ourselves in Parco Sempione. What a nice afternoon stroll in the park.

Night time of Duomo is pretty too. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele was so packed to the brim and we waited for close to 45 mins to order a cuppa of coffee.

Of course, we had to visit Starbucks Reserve Milano that was recently opened in September 2018 – the first Starbucks in Italy! So gorgeous.

This Starbucks has 2-stories whereby the top level is more of a bar counter area. It was packed during 7pm but the crowd dispersed during dinner time; Italians have late dinner I think.

We realised that Milan does not have much food options or local eateries around most of the touristy area. We ended up eating at this Shanghai food restaurant twice in a row (located just beside Mama Rosa). Good food which was reasonably priced.

In my next blog entry, it will be about our day trip to the beautiful Lake Como. Stay tuned! 🙂