Milan Day Trip – Lake Como

Lake Como was beyond my expectations to be honest. I only visualised it to be a pretty lake and that’s about it, as I didn’t spend much time researching for Italy itinerary when my focus was on our pre-wedding photoshoot.

We wanted a simple, fuss-free day trip and there were few choices in Milan – outlet shopping, Bernita express, Venice day trip etc. We decided to go with Lake Como as we were more into sightseeing and it’s only a half day trip. We took up the day trip via our hotel concierge and it cost around 80 euros per pax. The price may seem steep but I think it’s money well-spent.

The tour bus took us on a 1.5hr drive from Milan and we reached Como as the first stop. We had a glimpse of Lido Villa Olmo as well.

Next, we had a pit stop at Como town and took leisure stroll, soaking in the X’mas atmosphere.

Thereafter, we sat a ferry cruise which gave us a good tour of Lake Como. We saw beautiful villas and castles, in which it included a location featured in Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones!

We didn’t stop at Bellagio as nothing was opened and pretty much a quiet town in Winter time. So we had our lunch at Menaggio. Beautiful weather and scenery, nothing else to ask for.

Soon, it was sunset. Our last stop was Cernobbio. The towns surrounding Lake Como were pretty much quiet. Hotels were closed till March/April, not much eateries or restaurants were opened. Our tour guide mentioned there’s different feel, pros and cons of visiting Lake Como in different Seasons. This is one criteria you may want to consider before visiting Lake Como.

So that’s an awesome end to our day trip in Lake Como. Our tour guide also told us Lake Como is a completely different place in Summer whereby it will be packed with tourists, water sports happening on the lake and more. Have you been to Lake Como? Do you prefer Summer or Winter season?