Dubai 5D4N Trip Part 1

To be honest, Dubai was not my first choice to go during the CNY long weekend. I was busy searching on skyscanner, on a reasonable ticket prices for a 5-Day short trip. Because it was during the CNY season, air ticket prices were pretty steep – a round trip ticket to Bangkok for a full-fledged flight would easily cost more than SGD450, rather than the usual SGD250. And then I thought why not top-up a bit more to somewhere I have not been before, like United Arab Emirates?

I didn’t know much about the place and always thought Dubai is a country on its own. But after booking a flight to Dubai and started doing a huge amount of research, I got to know more about UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

We booked direct flight to Dubai via Emirates at SGD720 per pax, which is a good deal considering a full-fledged carrier for a 7.5 hour flight. Typically, visitors only visit Dubai during a stopover to one of the European countries. But I would recommend to dedicate at least 4-5 days to explore and enjoy Dubai, which it deserves.

We were lucky to get the extra legroom seat near the entrance and we slept soundly throughout the red-eye flight.

We researched and found there were several different parts of Dubai that once can stay in, depending what you want to do during your stay. We chose Atana Hotel for 3D2N at SGD312.00 and it’s pretty affordable to find a clean, modern, grand hotel in Dubai at a reasonable price. It’s near Dubai Internet City and it’s a 15-min ride away from Dubai Mall.

To experience a different side of Dubai (Old Dubai), we picked Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah for 3D2N stay at SGD372.00. Best decision ever!

We were lucky to pick the right season to visit Dubai in February. It was cooling and most of the time, it felt like we were walking in air-conditioned room and only need to don a jacket at night.

It will be good to wear covered clothing and I wore maxi/midi dress with jacket most of the time. I only wear more revealing clothes inside the compound of hotel. 😊

My next few entries will feature more on our food adventures, modern Dubai, old Dubai and our day-trip to Abu Dhabi. So stay tuned!