Dubai Part 2 – Foodie Adventure

Dubai offers a wide variety of food such as Lebanese, Arabic, Emirati, Turkish, Iranian cuisines. One top of that, you are a big fan of big brand food chains such as Shake Shack, Cereal Killer, %Arabica, Dubai is the place for you!

When I first started to research about Dubai Mall, I was impressed with many eateries and brands they have to offer. Imagine, you don’t have to fly to the States just to sink your teeth into that mushroom burger. You can enjoy good coffee from %Arabica without flying to Japan. That sounds like a good deal.

The first day in Dubai, we went on a mission to try these food eateries all at Dubai Mall. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Shake Shack was so empty! My first time having to choose where to sit and no queueing at all.

Shake Shack

Cereal Killer

I read a lot of articles on how there’s long serial-killing queue in London just to enjoy a bowl of this cereal. But at Dubai Mall, it’s very empty and we had the luxury of time to choose our cereal flavours.

To be honest, we were not impressed by it and perhaps it’s more of a hype-up cafe?

%Arabica Coffee

Now, this is a game changer. I miss their latte. I’m not an expert in coffee so I wont attempt to describe their coffee in technical terms. Lol. All I can say is that it’s aromatic, exudes this calm and homey feeling for me. I need to visit Kyoto again for this. Yes sometimes I’ll just travel to a place for that one thing, one experience, one food.

This is a place not to be missed. The day after, I had to have it again at Mall of the Emirates!

What happened to the news of it opening in Singapore Arab street? I can’t wait for it to open doors here!

Magnolia Bakery

I miss their banana pudding. It’s the best! I was so excited to indulge in it.

Other than all these international brands, let’s not forget about local food.

Arabian Teahouse Restaurant and Cafe

We waited for about half an hour before we finally got a seat. It was packed and the queue was never ending. We are as very good reviews about it and it was near Al Seef by Jumeirah hotel so it was just a 10-min walk away.

We were mind-blown by the food and their Karak Chai (Tea) was awesome. The chicken briyani look-alike (is that called Mandi?) was delish! You can read more about the story behind this cafe here.

Coffee Museum

Another interesting place to explore is the Coffee Museum. Coffeeholics can visit this museum to know the origins of coffee, see the collection of grinders and roasters, enjoy a cup of coffee with red dates for 10AED. Worth an experience to have a respite before heading for your next destination.

Al Fanar along the Creek

This restaurant was situated right below where we were staying. We were finding a place for Emirati breakfast and decided this place. One factor is that most of the restaurants does not open early and they closes late. So we decided to give this a try.

This Emirati meal was satisfying and having it beside the creek gave it an extra feel to it.

Overall, you can find all sorts of food cuisines in Dubai, that you will be spoilt for choice. Have you been to Dubai?