Dubai Part 3 – Desert Tour

You can’t say you have been to Dubai without going to the desert. If you have no idea which to book and what to do, fret not.

There’s plenty of desert tours in Dubai and you can easily find tons online. Their response is usually fast, via whatsapp.

The car ride to the desert was 1.5 hour and they picked us up from our hotel. So it started off with dune bashing! It was exhilarating and fun. But not for the fainted hearted or those who are prone to car-sick. I survived though I get car-sick easily. Haha.

They made a pit stop in the middle of the desert whereby you can take photos of the desert and also with the falcon. Couldn’t resist a picture with it and I was thinking if it would poop on me!

Thereafter, we made it to the camp area and we were one of the first group to arrive. So we queued for the Camel ride. Basically no matter which tour you opt, most likely you’ll end up at the same camp site whereby they serve hundreds at a time. There’s a henna booth, carpet booth, costumes for photo-taking, snacks, drinks and good dinner provided! Not to mention awesome performances.

As the time passed, more cars drove in with their private tours. And I must say the sun sets real quick!

Soon it was performances and dinner time.

Was really impressed with the lady’s performance whereby she spun on the spot for 10 mins and at some points, she closed her eyes while spinning. Total respect.

And our driver turned out to be the last to arrive to pick us. To be honest, it was eerie and scary to be in the middle of the desert and I was kind of glad I didn’t choose to stay overnight.

So overwhelmed by the stars in the sky and how lovely they look.

Have you been to Dubai? And which other deserts would you recommend to explore?