Dubai Part 4 – Places of Interest

Our first impression of Dubai, other than the vast desert, would be its skyscrapers. If you were to Google it, I can almost guarantee you that the images portray Dubai like a city of possibilities.

We were overwhelmed by so many attractive places to go but the thing was that they were spread out, which meant lots of taxi rides and travelling time. Thus we kind of strategise and shortlist where to go.

1. Burj Khalifa

Of course the tallest city ever, has to be our foremost priority for our maiden trip to Dubai.

However, it’s not cheap to get up there (even mid-way) especially all the way to the top of Burj Khalifa. I’d personally recommend to buy the tickets online before you plan your timing. If you were to physically queue (there’s no queue coz it’s ex) and get the tickets there, it’s really expensive.

Over-the-counter ticket purchase: For timing 930am – 530pm (before sunset), the ticket all the way to the top Burj Khalifa Sky is 525AED, which is close to SGD200!!!

I swore our jaws almost dropped when we saw the price. After 530pm, ticket prices will be 370 AED, approximately SGD136. We walked away from the ticket counter, couldn’t believe it! No wonder no one was queuing like what I usually see at Tokyo Skytree or Taipei 101. LOL.

But me being me, I have to get my ass up there! Haha. So bae and I searched online and the results came up were different ticket prices and combo which included other tour options such as the sea aquarium. Or even the fountain show or something. In the end we booked our tickets before sunset at SGD 83/pax but that’s the best we can get.

2. Burj Al Arab

This 7-star luxury hotel is one of the most popular landmarks of Dubai. The sail shaped silhouette sticks out brilliantly and you would have seen this on Instagram with picture-worthy spot on the beach with the hotel as the backdrop.

We went there to catch sunset at Jumeirah public beach to soak in the atmosphere. After the sunset, we had to walk a distance out to find eateries and restaurants so I would suggest to do some research on the nearby food options available. And it’s difficult to get a cab. So standby your careem app!

3. Jumeirah Mosque

Another iconic, must-visit place would be Jumeirah Mosque. There’s an visitors’ area which allows tourists to learn more about Islam and the culture.

We were not sure if we came at a wrong day or timing as the Mosque seemed to be close or maybe visitors are not allowed.

4. Dubai Miracle Garden

If you are an instagrammer or avid Photographer, Dubai Miracle Garden is the place to go. This is the largest natural flower garden, home to 50 million flowers.

It was opened in Nov after some renovation so do check their opening period when planning your trip. There wasn’t much crowd in the morning so not much photo-bombs in our photos.

5. Dubai Mall

You have to visit this mega mall – the second largest mall in the world. It’s located at the foot of Burj Khalifa so you can plan a visit on these 2 places together which makes more senses.

The entry into the sea aquarium was another mind-blowing amount so we gave it a miss. We were just contented to stand outside and able to see those smiling stingrays. (Mine is not photoshopped ok)

For the foodies out there, you may read my other blog entry on the eateries / restaurants in Dubai Mall. Read here.


Iranian Mosque

We dropped by Iranian Moqsue as we would like to see the prettt mosaic-tiled exterior and it was really beautiful.

So that’s a summary of the places of interest in Dubai for your first-time visit. Stay tuned for my next entry on our day trip to Abu Dhabi.