Jewel Changi Airport

It’s not hard to see why Singapore Changi Airport is ranked the World’s Best Airport for 7th year running.

This dome-shaped Jewel Changi Airport has recently opened its doors in April and trust me when I said most of the Singaporeans were at Jewel during the long Easter weekend.

I believe you must have seen this Jewel pic on your FB or IG newsfeed for like the millionth times!

Tips for photo-taking in Jewel

Everyone wants to snap away at this HSBC Rain Vortex in the heart of the Forest Valley. It is now termed to be the largest indoor waterfall at 40 metres high.

We didn’t specifically wake up early to avoid the crowd. We were near this “Splash Zone” and there wasn’t much people standing there for photo-taking due to the wet floor. So I used the opportunity to take some shots and I love my photos! Haha

Level 1

There are various vantage points in Jewel to soak in the mesmerising vortex – if you want a close up version with ootd against the vortex, then level 1 is for you.

Level 2-3

If you want the IG standard shot of the vortex that you have been seeing, then level 2-3 will be ideal. Once you exit from the MRT link bridge, just follow the crowd and you will see the observatory platform where everyone is snapping away.

Level 5

If you want a Top-down view of the Vortex, you may head over to Level 5. I didn’t manage to take any good shots because it’s very crowded, not much nice photos taken as majority of the access points are closed.


At B1-B2, you can marvel at the sight of the Vortex at close proximity.

Eating places in Jewel

Whatever you crave for, Jewel has it. Ranging from all the international food brands such as Shake Shack, A&W, Lobster and Burger (opening soon), Beauty in A Pot, Sushi Tei, Tim Ho Wan etc, you will be spoilt for choices. However, you may want to keep your stomach full before heading down to Jewel as you are expected to wait and queue and wait.

In addition, some of the food menu appears to be different from their usual ones. For eg Muji Cafe, they offer “Jewel Set” which offers limited selection of hot and cold deli; unlike the usual deli set whereby you can pick and choose.

Level 1-3

If you are looking at restaurants with no or shorter queue: Earle Swensen, Eggs n Things, Jumbo, Coffee@Works, Commons, Violet Oon.

There’s Signature Koi and Lady M located just outside Starbucks Reserve, which seemed to have manageable crowd as compared to that of Starbucks Reserve.

Birds of Paradise

If you have 10 mins to spare, I’d recommend heading over to Birds of Paradise for their natural and unique ice cream, also listed as “Michelin-Plate”. It’s located inside the Good Company shop.

Restaurants with long queues:

Shake Shack, Kam’s Roast, Tim Ho Wan, Ding Tai Fung, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Muji Cafe, Starbucks Reserve.

If you have any glimmer of hopes to try Shake Shack, then I would say you may want to wait for the hype to die down to try. Or hop onto a plane to Dubai and enjoyed Shake Shack at Dubai Mall! Ok just kidding.

The queue for Shake Shack was (I believe still is) insane! Same for A&W. Heard that the queue was at least 4 hours.

Even at Muji Cafe, we queued for our seats, queued to pay, only to be told by the cashier that we had to wait another 40 mins for our food! Needless to say, we left for a faster food option and we found ourselves at Level 5 Tanuki Raw.

We spent the rest of our afternoon at Starbucks Reserve for a respite before the night show.

Starbucks Reserve

Another gem addition to Jewel Changi Airport would be Starbucks Reserve – First flagship store! Some termed it to be the largest Starbucks spanning 2 storeys high.

We were seated at Level 2 and customers who had walked in, trying to find seats, often lamented there’s limited seats etc. Somehow I felt that there’s limited seats and the spaces were not utilised to the fullest and it gave me the impression that it’s not the largest. Anyone has same sentiments?

Mandatory shot against the Starbucks Siren, that’s commissioned and carved out by artist Sean Dunston.

Level 5

Level 5 was somewhat better in terms of the crowd and some eateries included are Arteastiq Bistro, Aloha Poke, Prive, Tanuki Raw. I wouldn’t say Level 5 is a quieter corner but you can slow things down and have a good meal there.

Basement 2

Now, basement 2 is another battlefield on its own. You can find food court and lots of eateries but with constant streaming of crowd jamming every corner.

If you are hungry and need a quick bite, go for these: Stuff’d, Mr Bean, Açai Affair, Tokyo Milk Cheese and Cow Factory.

If you can afford to queue: A&W, The Alley, White Restaurant, Pinkfish.

There’s also Fairprice Finest if you need that bottle of water or other snacks to fill up your tummy instantly.

Rain Vortex Light Show

After which at around 630pm, we tried to find good spots for the night show which starts at 730pm with hourly interval till 1230am. Oh boy, we were late to secure good spots!

So we found a good spot that’s somewhere in the Shiseido forest trail steps which captured the entire Vortex nicely. Initially we were seated at Level 1 but it was too close to the Vortex.

Everyone waited with anticipation and the show finally commenced at 730pm. There were gasps and wows when the show started. For snippets of the light show, you may view my IGTV here.

It ended abruptly after 4 min and it seemed like everyone wants to see more. One thing to note is that you may want to arrive and “chope” your seats/spots earlier as the access points will be cordoned off before the start of the show to manage the crowd.

One last photo before we headed home after the light show. Remember not to head down to Level 1 after the show as there’s insane human jam. We walked up to Level 3 for exit and had an easier time leaving the place.

Last but not least, I feel proud to be a Singaporean as always. Sometimes I’m being reminded that I have taken for granted in terms of everything about SINGAPORE – The clean airport, cleanliness, safety, good food, and everything I have enjoyed. More often than not, especially when I’m overseas, I realised the beauty of Singapore and how underrated we are sometimes.

Have you been to Singapore? Or Jewel Changi Airport?