Lisse – Tulips Heaven at Fam Flower Farm

I think the main reason why I’d wanted to go Netherlands is because of the beautiful IG posts on Fam Flower Farm. Yes I’m not joking haha.

I remembered sometime last year, I saw so many pretty pictures of tulip fields and I wondered where exactly it was. It’s not hard to see the tag source and I was so intrigued to go Netherlands in end April (The peak season) to catch the sight of it. Once it’s on my mind, I’ll make it happen somehow. 🙂

So my planning actually started in July and my longtime Friend Minz was also interested to visit Netherlands. None of us have seen the tulips and it’s on our wish list. And that’s how the entire Europe trip got started.

If you are interested to visit and take photos of the tulip fields, the tulip fields are privately owned. It would be highly recommended to get permission from the owners or booked a private tour. There’s instances whereby the public just climbed over some barricades or fences to take photos. But by doing so, it’s causing damages to the tulips and it’s bulbs. After all, the Farmers need to sell the bulb production as their livelihood. Here

In order to visit a tulip fields the right way, by end 2018 I was contacting Fam Flower Farm (Marlies and Linda) on the possible dates and time slots for tulips fields. You can just search them on Instagram with handle @famflowerfarm and you can DM or email them. We booked a private visit (SGD63 per pax and I guarantee it’s money well spent) and the good thing about it, was that they limit the number of pax per time slot. That ensures a good experience and you don’t have to worry about being photobombed at all.

How to get there: it’s beside Keukenhof in Lisse and we took an Uber in the morning to reach there from Amsterdam. Uber or Self-drive is the best way to get there. The journey took us around 20-30 minutes. Along the way, we saw other pretty tulip and other flower fields too!

It was really cold in Netherlands still at temperature less than 10 Degree Celsius. It was drizzling as well but we just had to see it. And we were so blown away when we reached there! I kept saying omg omg! We reached there earlier than our slot and we started taking photos with the lovely tulips. It started drizzling but we continued to take photos.

So here goes the tulips photo spam!

Upon this visit, we also learnt the history of tulips. During the tulipmania, the most expensive tulip sold can actually be worth about as much as a house in Amsterdam! We also learnt how to see whether a tulip is infected with virus. Those colour-breaking tulips that look pretty are actually infected with virus!

Also, tulips were originated from Turkey and brought to Holland, in which Holland has the perfect climate for tulips cultivation.

After taking a gazilion photos, we rested and enjoyed coffee/tea with awesome stroopwafels! I couldn’t stop eating them (both big and small ones). It was such a wonderful experience, enjoying my stroopwafels and looking at the tulip fields as the sky cleared up.

They even provided props such as hats, straw bags, tulips and flowers!

At the end of the visit, we were presented with souvenirs and a bunch of tulips! Overall I’d recommend this experience especially to female instagrammers. If you are thinking that Keukenhof visit is sufficient, then I’m afraid you will be disappointed as Keukenhof will be flooded with tourists and not much photo op or any tulip fields for photo taking. Trust me as we went Keukenhof straight after this farm visit and experienced it ourselves.

As for those IG posts that you see with the awesome tulip fields with someone standing in the middle, you won’t be able to take such photos at Keukenhof Gardens. Initially I was confused as well but upon research, the best way is to book a private visit to the privately-owned tulip fields and you can visit at your leisure time and pace, getting the official permission from them and take awesome photos with a peace of mind.

So, are you tempted to plan for a trip to Lisse soon next Spring? 🙂