Day Trip to Ghent

Ghent is well known for its medieval architecture, a city brimming with modernity. We went on a day trip to Ghent to check out this city. This was a last-minute replacement of Luxembourg as we couldn’t find a suitable day for the tour.

We took a train from Brussels to Ghent and took around 1 hour to reach there. We walked to the town, which gave us different perspective of the city.

It almost felt like I’m back in Amsterdam, walking along the streets, passing by the cafes and offices. It’s so quiet that the long leisure walk was actually enjoyable.

We walked through the shopping street and then headed straight to Saint Bavo’s Cathedral.

As it was drizzling in and off, we sought shelter at the Grand Hall. And then we headed to Korenmarkt for tumeric latte while we waited for the rain to subside.

The cold weather gave us some reasons to indulge in carbs and we were finding some Flemish dish to try. This Frittes Atelier was so popular and crowded. Tried their Flemish beef and Shakshuka and for the first time, I found my love back for fries.

After waiting out for the rain to stop, we explored Gravensteen and it’s surroundings.

The canals and the houses were beautiful, but I think after traveling to Amsterdam and Bruges, I kind of got immune to it; taking the good views for granted. I’d think a half day trip to Ghent is sufficient but then it depends on what you want to see and visit there, as there’s so many possibilities.

I can foresee myself living in city such as Amsterdam, as compared to Bruges or Ghent. But give me 20 more years, I may prefer a quiet and slower pace of life instead.