Krabi – Girls Trip Part 1

If you are a water sports enthusiast or simply looking for a retreat, Krabi is a good choice. Bestie and I wanted a short getaway and we still can’t seem to make Chiang Mai happen this year, after we missed it last year. We decided to go for a beach vacay and wanted to go to a place we have not been to. So Krabi it is.

To be honest, there isn’t much information on Krabi (blog posts, cafes etc) as compared to other popular beach destinations such as Bali and Phuket. We were so overwhelmed with work and didn’t have any itinerary set for this trip. Yes, you heard me and read me right. No itinerary! Haha.

I only knew there was a chance to see bioluminescent plankton but due to the rainy/monsoon season, it didn’t happen. But the trip was a relaxing and good one. And I desperately needed this trip.


We booked 5D4N at Panan Krabi Resort in Ao Nang and it was the best accommodation. SGD76/night before tax and it has awesome swimming pool and a rooftop pool with a cliff view. How cool is it!

I’d highly recommend to stay in Ao Nang beach area as all the cafes, restaurants, eateries are within walking distance. If you want to stay at Railey Beach, do take note that you will need to take a longtail boat and tow your luggage in the beach to board the longtail boat to reach Railey Beach.

We overheard a couple asking the ticket counter how can they get to Railey Beach from Ao Nang beach as it was raining heavily and the wind was insane. So it’s a risk you’d have to take. While we spent a day at Railey beach, we saw few tourists baring their body suntanning away. Caught few with bed bug bites on their leg and back. So I guess one has to be extra caution on which hotel/resort to consider (do not book hostel) at Railey Beach.


As it’s a 1.5 hr short flight, we booked Scoot at SGD202 per pax with no check-in luggage. Yep, so proud we managed to pack and wear every single thing for this trip with no space wastage in our carry-on luggage. Scoot allows 10kg per pax for carry-on while I heard Jetstar limits at 7kg per pax. So our 8kg luggage was just nice for Scoot.

Day 1

It’s approximately early afternoon when we reached Krabi. We booked airport transfer with data SIM card via Klook. So everything was seamless and we checked-in to Panan Resort, after a 40-min ride from the airport. We were instantly wow-ed by the resort but before exploring the facilities, we went nearby for lunch and get our Thai food fix. It was a few min walk from our hotel and the food was legit. Not mind-blowing but good enough to kick-start our trip. Cats are common in Krabi and apparently, they adopt the beach thug life well.

Thereafter, we were pretty excited to check out our hotel rooftop pool. We decked in our floral Low back scoop matching monokini. For those who asked, I got them from Taobao/AliExpress.

We can actually see the sea from a distance as well! The sun was good and merciless on our first day here. We kinda took it for granted coz the next few days were rainy and windy AF!

For dinner, we headed to HillTop Restaurant. There seemed to be a common practice of picking the customers from the hotel and back. Hilltop picked us up and off we go for another round of awesome Thai food.

We were in time for sunset and it seemed like all the tourists were there too. A very splendid birds-eye view of Krabi. Us in bright, neon colours to end the day.

It started to rain heavily and mozzies were out to bite us. Thankfully, the massage place that we were heading to, pick us up before the mozzies have more chance to feast on us.

Radaram Spa looks very legit and we opted for its Thai Herbal Compress. Totally enjoyed it and we knocked out pretty fast when we went back to turn in for the night.

Day 2

Day 2 was pretty bad for me as my period came the day before! So it was heavy flow with contractions and migraine for me. What a bad timing but Guess I couldn’t help it. Thankfully, I have to say I’m well rested.

We started the day with good breakfast at Cafe 8.98. Our hotel came with free breakfast but we only like the scrambled egg. So we decided we shall not waste the calories and just try the cafes here.

Açai bowl and a cuppa latte. One of my fave breakfast combi other than nasi lemak with Teh. Haha.

It started to rain and it was not possible to go to other islands via longtail boat due to the strong wind. So we spent the day strolling along Ao Nang beach and indulged in foot massage.

We chanced upon this clean and affordable massage parlour and their masseur is really skilful. While bestie is asking her masseur to be gentle on her feet, I was deep in coma while having foot massage, prolly due to my period and migraine which made me so lethargic. Bestie was commenting she was amazed I didnt find it painful at all. I think my body was too tired. Haha.

We went to hotel to have a rest and I took some shots in their other pool. We tried to go back to Ao Nang beach to catch sunset but the weather was bad. So windy that we couldn’t stand at one spot for too long.

But at least we ended off the day exploring a hidden gem! A local Thai food eatery run by a family, in an alley up a hill.

This family restaurant was popular and very packed – we waited close to 30-40 mins before our food was served. Their steamed fish in lemon sauce and crispy omelette were the highlights for me. Not to mention I love their Thai tea as it’s not very sweet. Bestie was hooked onto their Tom Yum hotpot. It felt pretty shiok (good) to have hot and comforting soup in the rain.

We ended the day with Thai massage (yes why not?) and bestie was so happy with her Ao Nang roll ice cream.

Sometimes it’s good to just relax and do nothing and eat and sleep. Do you like this travel style too?