Krabi – Girls Trip Part 2

The next day, we were blessed with sunny weather. We seized the chance to head off to any island that’s possible. We had wanted to go Poda Island or Chicken Island, but there wasn’t any longtail boat available (approx. 200-300 baht) due to the windy conditions. Only speedboat was available which meant 1800 baht per pax! We decided to go to Railey Beach (ard 100-200 baht per pax) which was nearby and should it rain, we were to have sufficient time to come back.

Before heading off, we had a good breakfast at Lion & Shark cafe. It’s located at the lobby of a female-friendly hostel (IG: @miniboxtel) and initially we thought the only way up was this steep ladder. And then we found out there was another entrance/exit behind the cafe lol!!!

Another laidback place to enjoy your breakfast at a leisure pace. There was this female backpacker who was dining alone and looked like she’s thoroughly enjoying this beach life.

I loved their peanut butter toast and latte. Peanut butter always makes me feel better and helps me to start the day on a positive note.

Thereafter, it was time to board the longtail boat after purchasing the tickets. We had to wait for around 8-10pax to be in line for the longtail boat to set off to Railey. There were many tourists carrying their big luggages, most likely heading to check in to their accommodations in Railey Beach area.

I do not have any picture of us boarding the Longtail boat as the boat was docked in the middle of the beach and the water level was up till my crotch area! Basically this means you will be drenched walking in the seawater to board the boat. There was a hobo tourist still trying to board with her AirPod on… just wondering if she were to drop it in the sea, there’s no way she can retrieve it. Here’s my IG stories highlight link to see how to board a longtail boat.

After 15 minutes, we arrived at Railey Beach and the tide was low at ankle level. I would say the beach here is cleaner and the water is clearer as compared to Ao Nang. We strolled the entire beach and settled for a spot to enjoy the sea Breeze. See my igtv on Railey Beach.

Kind of miss sitting there, sipping on the coconut juice and feel the Breeze.

Thereafter, we headed back to our rooftop hotel for more shots while we waited for sunset.

One side of the sky was cloudy while the other was still sunny. The weather can be rather dramatic!

We decided we wanted to take a break from Thai food and we found this highly-raved Mexican restaurant named Crazy Gringo. Their food was seriously omg!! So so so delicious! Their quesadilla and fish tacos were so out of the world. We saw this 2 other guys ordered another plate of quesadilla, after they finished their existing ones! Ok I’m missing their quesadilla as I’m typing this now. Their live band had awesome performance and the entire atmosphere really liven up. Watch my igtv of their singing here.

And of course, we went for our foot massage after dinner. Signing off with a pretty photo of us during sunset. πŸ™‚