Krabi – 5D4N Girls Trip Part 3

On the second last day of our trip, we booked a private driver for 8 hours (full-time) at 3200 baht for 2 pax. It may seem a lot but if you are considering booking with a group tour, it will easily cost 1200 baht per pax and it has less flexibility. Not to mention you can’t determine the locations you want to go and you have to go with a group.

We started the day with a nearby cafe named Lekker Cafe, before we headed for Emerald Pool and the Hot Spring Waterfall.

The drive to the Emerald Pool and Hot Spring waterfall will take around 1.5 hours. But before that, we visited a temple and another cafe lol! The driver most prolly wondered when will we be reaching the destination ever.

We visited Wat Kaew Korawaram despite the drizzle. It is quite a spectacular and the interior of it is really pretty.

The temple was empty due to the rain and we had the whole place to ourselves. Wait a minute let me correct that. That’s a cat on duty actually. This mama cat was seated near the entrance (on top of a pile of pretty mats)and will meow and sort of hiss at us somehow. When we made our way to the front to contribute to the donation box, the cat actually walked towards us aggressively. We assumed the cat is the Guardian of this temple and its role is to protect the temple or guard it when visitors come.

It has a family outside the temple at this corner near the stairs and the kittens are so adorable. We can see the papa cat has assumed the role of a house Husband. But mama cat is busy working, breast feeding and protecting her kittens from stray dogs, roosters and humans. Whenever her kittens get near us, mama cat will keep meowing at her kitten. As the rain subsided, more visitors came and mama cat has to rush back to her work station. What a dedicated cat!

Thereafter, bestie googled a cool cafe named Pakarang Vintage Cafe and we decided to settle our lunch there.

It almost felt like we were lost in this book wonderland and it spanned across 2 storey-high. The additional bonus was that besides being an IG-worthy place, it actually served authentic and cheap Thai food. Their Phad Thai and Tom Yum fried rice were awesome.

Thereafter, we finally continued our journey. When we reached the Emerald Pool, it was drizzling and thankfully we brought our raincoats along. We had to walk a trail of 1.5km through the forest before we can reach the pool. I was having this phobia that a snake will slither out of nowhere to join us as I read somewhere that there’s sighting of snakes!

What a beautiful sight of the Emerald Pool and there’s many people jumping and Swimming in the pool.

And then it started to pour and we sought shelter at a nearby porch, before we got out and made our way to the hot spring waterfall.

It was raining again and thankfully, the bungee ride into this hot spring helped us abit. I was so fascinated by the hot spring waterfall as it was indeed warm. But if you were standing a few meters away, it’s cold.

The rapids streams were quite a view and I doubted I’ll actually go down if there’s isn’t rain. The rocks underneath were sharp and slippery so I salute the couple that was almost to the edge of the waterfall; another further down will be swept to a river that leads to god knows where.

Guess where we went for dinner? The Family Thai food again! We decided to beat the crowd by reaching early and satisfy our last dinner with authentic Thai food. This time round, we swopped lemon sauce fish with grilled fish and ordered papaya salad and mango sticky rice. Upon bestie request, we had to have the Tom yum hotpot again! Such a great way to enjoy the dinner in the rain.

The day after, it was time for us to head back to Singapore. But not before we have some good breakfast.

We decided to check out this Coffee Club cafe though the price was slightly steeper. Well, just splurge on the last day!

In conclusion, I think this was easily one of the most relaxing trip I’ve had these few years – the other relaxing one was Cambodia trip last year with Bae. Sometimes, it’s good to go with the flow, not having any itinerary at all. Are you one who prefers an itinerary for your travels?