9-Hour layover in Warsaw

Upon our way back from Amsterdam, we had a 9-hour layover in Warsaw via LOT airlines. We grabbed the opportunity to explore UNESCO world heritage Warsaw Old Town.

The view at the TOP of the St. Anne’s church was amazing. It gives a birds eye view of the Old Town and it’s hard to believe this place was restored to its pre-World War II state.

Bigos (Hunter’s Stew) is Poles’ staple food in Poland. It’s a combo of cabbage, sausage, spices and it’s very flavourful. The stew comes with a piece of bread, which go well together in which the bread will neutralise the saltiness of the cabbage.

We wandered around the old town – there were flea markets at the market square, medieval buildings, upscale polish eateries and more.

The place was touristy but not flooded; leaving ample space to stroll and enjoy the quaint town. We googled the best Polish food near us and we knew we must try Polish dumplings! So TripAdvisor brought us to Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi right in the Old Town, located at the end of an alley.

We ordered this dish that’s similar to potato pancakes, along with the dumplings. Damned the carbs coz life is short. And more strolling around before we made our way back to Chopin Airport.

Before you think that Warsaw is just an old town, it’s almost like any other city with modern roads and buildings. Although our layover was brief, my impression of Warsaw was that it’s clean and modern yet full of heritage at the same time. It kind of reminded me of Berlin somehow.

At Chopin airport, you can even find this chapel in it. I can say Chopin airport is the best layover ever because it’s so clean and modern, because there isn’t much traffic and the airport is empty most of the time. We stayed at Costa cafe for hours and we really appreciated the tranquility and cleanliness.

I’d love to come back to Poland but maybe to Krakow to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Have you been to Poland? How do you like it?