5 Instagrammable cafes in Singapore – For your OOTD shot

If you ever want a cuppa coffee in an instagrammable cafe, well there’s no lack of it in Singapore. If you want to take that million dollar OOTD (outfit of the day) shot, there’s plenty of photo opportunity near the cafes as well.

With the sprouts of hipster cafes opening years ago, I’ve seen cafes close and new ones open. Here’s 5 instagrammable cafes in Singapore that you can visit if you have a stopover/layover. And to nail that OOTD shot.

1. Prodigal Cafe

Tucked in a neighbourhood between MacPherson and Tai Seng, this cozy cafe is a sure-favourite amongst the nearby dwellers.

A typical housing estate neighbourhood is the perfect backdrop for your OOTD shots.

Back to Prodigal Cafe, their coffee was mildly acidic and their signature dish to order would be their cheese toast sandwich. We certainly enjoyed the food and finished every last bit of it.

2. The Fabulous Baker Boy

Located behind Fort Canning Park, the Fabulous Baker Boy Cafe transformed you to a quiet place to just chill out around the greenery.

They are well-known for their cakes but bae and I are not a fan of desert or cakes so we gave it a miss. Their flat white was not bad and I had enjoyed its ambience, not to mention they have free wifi!

3. Starbucks Reserve at Jewel

If you only have few hours to explore, Jewel Airport is the place to go. You would have seen the massive fountain picture spamming in your Instagram feed so you can’t miss this place in Singapore!

This Starbucks Reserve is the newest and largest outlet in Singapore, which covers 2 storeys. The artisanal coffee and posh interior exudes this premium feeling of coffee experience. Their drinks range from SGD7-8 for a regular latte, but special cold brew or other drinks can cost up till SGD14.

4. Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH)

This cafe is one of the pioneer of hipster cafes and has been around for many years. Located in Lavender/Jalan Besar area, the industrial area may seem quiet but the cafe is usually bustling with crowds during weekend.

Caught up with my travel buddy over CSHH over a cold brew and ice cream! It’s the perfect combi.

5. Kafe Utu

This first African-themed cafe is a new kid on the block to the cafes near Keong Saik Road. Saving the best for the last. 🙂

First of all, I really love this place for its tranquility. It has 3 storeys and an alfresco bar area. We took a respite in the hot weather at second storey and enjoyed our dark, rich coffee in the afternoon. The cafe exuded this zen, peaceful, quiet ambience that calm the nerves.

Every corner is IG-worthy, with details to its decorations, design, the posh leather sofa that I refused to get up once I sat down. I think I need to go back to this cafe soon.

What’s your fave cafe in Singapore for your OOTD shot?