Wedding Preparations I

I can’t believe it is officially less than a month till the big day.

I think the preparation work is more or less done, with few loose ends to tie up. Thought I can use some time to blog about some of the stuff that I have gotten before I’m overwhelmed by the big day and an impromptu mini-moon. 🙂

Since I came back from Shanghai last Aug, I quickly did some research on some bridesmaid items, special wedding pieces and stuff that I’d like to have, so that I have ample time to get them prepared.

1. Bridesmaids and Bridal Robes

All of a sudden, @sgbudgetbride on IG has become my go-to stalking account to see what “lobangs” or vendors I can source to get my wedding items done. I found and got them to customise special gift for my bridesmaids and of course, something nice for myself to wear on the big day. Even if I don’t need some stuff, I’d find myself suddenly wanting the items to be on my checklist. :p

It came with a pretty box and I added some other items that I have gotten for them. Couldn’t contain the excitement and had to hide my ig stories from them so they won’t suspect anything.

I’ve always like DIY stuff and I painted the flowers on the card for my bridesmaids. I picked up embroidery hoop while attending a workshop with my bestie. It’s amazing we can pick up where we left off and we seem to have endless topics to discuss and still have that rapport after knowing each other since secondary school.

I thought of doing the embroidery hoops for my bridesmaids but I’m not too sure where to get additional items and fate brought me to Chinatown with my colleagues and I chanced upon the right shop to get hold of the materials! I love special projects like this. Haha.

So we bought the hoops and materials and I taught one of my colleagues on the embroidery skills. I also took the chance to make pretty ones for my bridesmaids.

In addition, I got some ideas from IG and hand-sewn the pearls onto denim jackets for them. I don’t know if finding the right denim jacket was harder or sewing those pearls.

This is how it looks like from the back. Not perfect but I hope they like it! And I think they do. 🙂

2. Wedding Reception Pieces

In the meantime, I commissioned a local artist @stitchesbyrey to do 2 embroidery hoops for my wedding pieces to be displayed at reception. I’m so so so happy when I received them! After close to 2 months of waiting.

I have searched and approached few local artistes that does this and decided on @stitchesbyrey as I like her pieces.

3. Bridal Gown

I don’t really like the hassle of trying all gowns and I certainly didn’t explore all bridal places to try on a lot. In fact I’ve only been to 3 different places and I think I’ve seen enough and to be honest, the gowns look largely similar after a while and it all boils down to what gown you like more and which one you are more comfortable with. I rented the main gown from @queenofhearts

Here’s few pictures on the gowns that I’ve tried. They offer cheongsam one that’s the latest arrival.

I settled for my main gown early this year as I had envisioned myself to wear that gown and I didn’t sway and got fickle-minded with others. And that’s whereby I realise I’m quite determined when I want a particular item and I seldom settle for second best unless necessary. Got to know myself better I must say.

4. Guo Da Li items (Betrothal Gift Ceremony)

I think I’m so thankful there’s a Chinese wedding shop near my neighbourhood so we can easily order and collect the items for Guo Da Li actual day. @thechineseweddingshop

Guo Da Li is a significant ceremony among Chinese wedding customs as it symbolises the groom’s sincerity in marrying the bride and that she will be well taken care of in their marriage. Credit:

Last but not least, I’m still pending to receive my hand painted bridal leather jacket that I’ve commissioned a local artist to do since 2 months ago. Gonna receive it in the next few days and I totally can’t wait to see the end results.

Till then, the official countdown continues.