Chinese Betrothal Gift Ceremony 过大礼

In Chinese tradition, there’s usually Betrothal Gift Ceremony aka 过大礼, whereby it symbolises the groom’s sincerity to marry the bride. In the olden days, there’s even a matchmaker around with the groom, to present the bride’s family with gifts.

So glad that our Guo Da Li has happened, which meant one tick off our checklist.

We got our Guo Da Li items from The Chinese Wedding Shop. We were totally clueless when we first visited. Their sales person explained the process and items patiently and we placed our order with them.

My cute Father who’s happy on this special day.

Passing the tray that consists of the “Pin Jin” whereby the groom’s family offers the bride’s family an amount of money as a symbol of respect.

For those who are looking for si dian jin or beautiful jade heirloom pieces, I’d recommend Jennifer Green.

Thereafter, we headed off to Chin Lee Restaurant for dinner. Having stayed near this place, it was my first time visiting this place after 18 years!!!

This is a famous Teochew restaurant and it has its constant, loyal customers. You have to make reservations before coming down. They have alfresco and air-conditioned area for dining. I love the cozy vibes and their services are TOP notch. They were very attentive and friendly.

Recommended dishes that you must try when you are there: Handmade Prawnball $12, Oyster Omelette Pancake $22 (only available on weekdays), Home-made Beancurd with Shimeiji Mushroom and Chicken Cube $18, Coffee Pork Ribs $15, Crispy Chicken $20, and their Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts $20!

Overall, the portion served was just nice. No service charge and there’s free flow soft drinks and tea. They served this kung fu tea at the end of the course, which was nicely brewed.

We felt like we were eating our own wedding banquet in advance because some of the dishes were similar haha.

Countdown to 7 days till our wedding!