Business Class Flying Experience with Singapore Airlines (SQ)

Our mini moon to Bali was really a spontaneous escape. We didn’t have the time to plan anything else as the wedding basically took up most of our time and energy and also mental well-being. Lol.

So the little wanderlust in me was awaken when SQ Facebook ad suddenly appeared, promoting their spontaneous escape for November.

I checked the dates that’s after our wedding and I had sufficient miles to redeem for 2 pax for return Bali trip business class seats. I was religiously using Amex Krisflyer credit card and another cashback cc (which I have chucked aside). So the rest was history.

The miles redemption per pax was only 26,600, which was considered a very good deal! Paid $144 for the taxes. I’m noob when it comes to the aircraft models for the trip but after researching on the internet, I only knew the trip to Bali will be a newer aircraft but the return trip to Singapore is an older version. Here’s the seating plan of the flight.

I chose the window seats for both of us while flying to Bali (we don’t mind sitting alone and yes we are that independent) and adjacent seats while flying back.

After check-in, our first mission was to head to the Krisflyer lounge to get our breakfast. They have extensive menu offering local delights, ranging from Mee Siam, carrot cake, dim sum etc. And yes, I let loose and enjoyed that bowl of Mee Siam with hubby. Don’t judge. Haha

And we were ready to enjoy our first business class experience. 🙂

Before the flight took off, drinks were served and newspapers were offered as the Steward did his rounds. Shortly after take-off, lunch was served. We had pre-booked our lunch in advance and tried Dim Sum while hubby had Eggs Benedict.

Their legendary garlic toast was not served but we opted for other bread/muffins instead. Soon after, it was time to try out the lie flat feature.

The air stewardness kindly guided us and we enjoyed some rest before the cabin crew sneaked up a surprise on us!

We were lying down when 3 of the cabin crew presented us the cake and champagne and we were so pleasantly surprised! So I figured out my colleague must have tipped them off as my colleague was asking me details about my flight and behaving in a fishy manner. But thank you for the thoughts and surprise. It was truly memorable for us.

And then the wonderful flight came to a beautiful end as we embarked on our Bali trip.

Our way back, we headed to the premier lounge in Denpasar Airport. It was over-crowded and hot!

The food and beverage were not too bad but we shifted to the outer area to rest as it was getting hot for us. I think it’s because the lounge access was shared by many airlines. Can’t wait to board the flight home.

We had ample legroom and space on our way back. Seats were different and more of a 2-2-2 seating arrangement as it’s of an older model. Hubby jokingly said the screen was too far away and he wanna go back economy sit. *rolleye*

The flight back was met with bad turbulence and I got so nauseous from it. Couldn’t finish the fish but I got the chance to eat their legendary garlic toast which was so, so good.

Appetiser was served first and then the main course. Thereafter, it was time to rest and nurse my motion sickness. Couldn’t take much pics coz I was trying not to puke my dinner out.

Can you spot Marina Bay Sands in the pic? So much emotions while I took in the skyline view and to think our wedding was held there barely few days ago.

Hubby was happy that his luggage was the first to be out on the baggage lol.

Somehow it always feels good to be sitting SQ flights as it almost feels like I’m home. I guess it’s the vibes and cozy feeling.

I can understand why there’s a saying: once you go business, you can’t go back. In Business Class, you get to enjoy your own privacy in the spacious seat, more attentive service, additional comfort and leg space. For me, I’m contented with economy class that is pocket-friendly but I’ll still work on my mile game. I’m just happy to be flying and travelling where I wanna go. Of course, if hubby wanna sponsor me business class, or even first class, I won’t say no. :p

One can always dream and dreams do come true.