Our Mini Honeymoon Bali Part 2 – Nusa Penida Day Trip

And so we woke up early the next day to prep ourselves for a day trip to Nusa Penida. Basically it will take around an hour drive to reach the ferry terminal from Seminyak and another hour to reach Nusa Penida via ferry.

This is how you board the ferry, whereby you need to remove your shoes and walk a distance to climb the ladder up the ferry. Totally reminded me of how I boarded a longtail boat in Krabi!

We booked our day trip from Gus which included west and east of Nusa Penida. It’s around 1050000 idr per pax, includinf ferry tickets and return transfer from hotel. We wanted convenience and someone reliable so of course we went with our friend Gus’ package. Photography included! 🙂

– Kelingking beach

– Tree House Molenteng

– Raja Lima Island (Cliff top view near Tree House Molenteng)

– Diamond beach

On a hindsight, it was really adventurous of us to complete both within a day as the road there is very, very bumpy. For those who’s prone to carsick, you may want to re-consider taking this tour as I was feeling nauseous throughout the trip. On a 100m stretch, the road was so bumpy that it took us 20 mins to get through it.

First stop was diamond beach and it’s so crystal clear. My stamina was not very good this time round and i couldn’t climb down all the way to the beaches. The weather was simply too hot and I have height phobia. (Though I’m totally fine with rollercoasters and rooftop dining! Lol)

The sun was relentless; beating down hard on us. I felt so tired at the start already! So we needed a pit stop for brunch. Our private tour guide was telling us that Nusa Penida used to have lesser people and not much tourists. But due to Instagram which led to the influx of tourists, more locals are coming back to Nusa Penida to set up businesses to catch the bandwagon. So there’s cafes, tour guides, and more coming up on this island here. Amazing how Instagram can influence tourists (like us) to come here to visit.

Needed sugar rush so we ordered Balinese iced coffee. So sinful but oh so good. Mee goreng will never go wrong.

Thereafter, it’s time to head to the treehouse but we didn’t go down all the way as it’s really tiring already halfway down. For the first time, I couldn’t take a lot of photos and I felt challenged by the weather (and maybe my age lol). I just wanted to relax and see the spots with my own eyes, rather than donning on a maxi dress to get that IG worthy shot. After all, it’s my honeymoon and I decide what I wanna do. 🙂

The last spot is the spot that we’ve been waiting for – Kelingking beach. I’ve seen this on Instagram so many times and I’d really love to see it with my own eyes.

I couldn’t sit near the edge but hubby was brave enough. Of course we didn’t go down to the beach as the hike down itself (one-way) will take 1 hour… I think I won’t be able to come up if I were to go down. Lol.

We have some time left and the guide suggested to bring us nearby to see the place from another perspective. Awesome spots and great photography skills!

And then another local delights before its time to catch the ferry back. We had dinner at Neon Palms in Seminyak but the portion was too little. Went for foot massage beside the Bodyworks after dinner, and we fell asleep during massage again! Felt hungry again and headed to Biku for supper.

Was a long and tiring day but one tick off our bucket list on Nusa Penida. What a beauty indeed. Please contact Gus at adventurousbali@gmail.com if you’d like a English-speaking guide in Bali to bring you safely around. 🙂