Budapest 4D3N Winter Holidays Part 2

The next day, we started our day with breakfast at Crudo Bakery Cafe before we explored the other side of Budapest. This cafe was just opposite our hotel. We observed the trend that the stores are usually not opened that early and it’s a dead town at 7-8am.

It was cold, so cold. But we still strolled along the Danube River and crossed the Szechenyi Bridge. The shoes on the Danube River was one of the tourist attractions, whereby it’s a memorial erected to commemorate the Jewish that were killed in WWII. However, we noted there were tourists smiling and taking photos with the shoes. Sometimes we as tourists can be quite caught up with all the touring spots without knowing why we are there.

The stroll across Szechenyi Bridge was so cold in the morning as the wind blew. I could hardly take out the gloves from my hands to take many photos. We spent the day exploring the main attractions such as Budapest Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Castle etc. So we bought this shuttle pass which will drop us at the main stops to visit the attractions. Highly recommended so you won’t waste a lot of time walking from one point to the next.

A cuppa of mulled wine (hot wine) in the cold, is a must. So shiok. The crowd was manageable in the morning but at lunchtime, it was almost doubled. So glad we started exploring this place earlier. Imagine we actually spent 1 hour searching for lunch spots as most of the places were closed or not opened till a certain timing. A decent meal at a restaurant easily cost us 45 euros. But I have to say I miss Hungarian food, especially their chicken paprika and Goulash / Fisherman’s soup.

We then dropped off at the nearest station to venture our way up Citadella. The hike up looks daunting but it was easy.

The view up there was simply rewarding and I was joking to hubby we may find a stall selling drinks up there. Lo and behold, there’s really a stall up there and they were selling drinks. Enjoying the scenic view of Budapest with a cuppa of latte, is the best thing ever.

We then took the tram and dropped off at a point that’s right opposite the Hungarian Parliament Building, to enjoy the view while the sun sets. I was trying to do a time lapse of it and had a minor frostnip on my right hand as I spent around 20 mins without my gloves. It got numb and turned red and I couldn’t feel 2 of my fingers. Though the temperature was around 6 degree Celsius, I believed it was way below that as we were near the Danube River and the wind was blowing relentlessly. So I quickly ran my hand under warm water back in hotel and rested a while before we headed out for dinner. I also realised my Uniqlo heat tech gloves couldn’t protect me from the cold and my hands often felt cold easily. Thank goodness for Daiso heatpad which I’d put inside the pockets of my coat to help to keep my hands warm. Uniqlo heat tech ultra warm thermal wear was alright for me though. But I knew I had to find new gloves to save my life.

All was good and we tried to find whatever that’s opened along the streets. We chanced upon this Vietnamese restaurant and yes we were happy about it. No more chicken paprika for the day. The ginger tea was refreshing and comforting in the cold weather.

The next after, it was time for us to leave the awesome hotel and to get on the train for Vienna. But not without some pretty photos in the hotel lobby 🙂

We had a quick lunch at a restaurant at the railway station before hopping on the train. So that’s Budapest for us. We have covered all of the items that we wanted to see or do and we felt that 4 days was just nice to explore and have a feel of the city. We agreed that Budapest was a good start for our honeymoon. 🙂