Hallstatt – A Winter Fairytale and Why You Should Visit

I’m pretty sure you’d have seen Hallstatt on your Instagram feed and perhaps it’s on your bucket list. Well, it sure was on my bucket list for quite a while but I saved it for honeymoon. Whatever I’ve seen on IG, it only got better in real life!

We arrived Attnang-Puchheim train station and almost everyone alighted at this stop to take the ferry across to Hallstatt. Yes you have to take the ferry to reach Hallstatt. It started to snow and it was freezing cold. We had to move 4 luggages down the slippery slope and wait in the snow as the ferry was too packed. I think we were the only ones with so many luggages. Most of the tourists were there for a day trip but I’d highly recommend a 1 night stay there to enjoy the beauty of Hallstatt in winter.

We were so, so thankful to book Hallstatt Heritage Hotel as it was located right in front of the ferry docking area. So convenient for us and we were so hungry in the cold. Only manage to catch a good lunch in the hotel itself and everything tasted so good. Our accommodation cost SGD380/night and I’d recommend to email the hotel directly for booking. Initially most of the hotels were sold out on third party sites so I knew emailing the hotel directly will work. And it did! 🙂

You can see awesome view from the balcony (even the ferry docking area). We wasted no time and explored the town before the sunset. The very first thing we did is to head over to the photo opp area to get that famous shot of Hallstatt.

There’s a lot of signs that indicates tourists to soften volume and no trespassing. I wonder how the local residents deal with having so many tourists in the morning.

You can pretty much cover the town within 10-15 walk and we headed to Skywalk. When we reached there, it was already 4pm and were contemplating if we should go up, as it stated the last cable ride down is scheduled at 430pm. Thinking we will just take a look and enjoy the view from Skywalk, we made our way up.

We totally didn’t expect to see so many people and the fog and thick snow and everything. We managed to find the skywalk after asking and it looked very different from what we saw on Google haha. We were feeling fortunate that we brought and wore our snow boots as it’s really too slippery to be walking around there in normal sneakers.

The winter just added that mystic feel to the place. Of course the last ride didn’t stop at 430pm but they ensured everyone was safely out of the place. You can actually walk down but I don’t think anyone will want to do that in the dark and cold.

The crowd lessened significantly after sunset at 5pm. The town became quiet and we enjoyed our leisurely walk. We ended the day with good coffee at a quaint cafe.

The next morning, we seized whatever time left to explore before we headed to Ljubljana.

Had breakfast at hotel while we watched the sunrise. Took a stroll and the swans and ducks seemed to be happy to see Hoo-mans again – coz it meant there’s food for them haha. The fog finally cleared up and the majestic mountain view was a feast to our eyes. We then took on the longest train ride ever to get to Ljubljana… 7 hours in total with 2 train transfer! With one transfer leaving us with 6 mins… why do we like to take up such challenges but oh well, I guess that’s the fun of travelling. Did Hallstatt live up to my expectations? Yes in terms of its beauty and how it really looks like a winter fairytale. But it can get a tad touristy and overwhelming at some points (refer to my ferry ride and skywalk cable queue pics). Would I want to come back again? Hmm probably not… but never say never.

Stay tuned for our adventures in Slovenia!