I fell in love with Lake Bled

When someone tells you he/she is going Slovenia, chances are the destination will be Lake Bled. Well, Lake Bled was another highlight of our trip besides Hallstatt (Austria) and to be honest, I thought things couldn’t get any better after Hallstatt. Not comparing the places but I really enjoyed my time at Lake Bled that I know I’ll come back for it one day.

Our driver picked us up from our City Hotel at Ljubljana and it was less than an hour’s drive to reach Bled. Our driver was very friendly and entertaining, whom shared a lot of his stories with us. It cost only 50 euros one way and we booked it through our hotel. You’ll start to see the mountain landscape on the highway and lovely cottages.

We checked into Rikkli Balance Hotel and it was only a few mins walk away from Bled. We were so excited and had to check out Lake Bled asap. We took the traditional boat to the Island with a small Baroque Church of Assumption in the afternoon. So we climbed the stairs up and were given 1 hour to explore this place before we headed back. Also, imagine rowing this boat manually with load of passengers. Salute the boat rowers!

Everywhere was postcard-worthy and tranquil. There’s a cafe for us to enjoy some coffee before we left this island. We had a quick lunch at a pizzeria bar as we wanted to hike up to Bled Castle before the sun set around 4-5pm.

The hike looks daunting but we managed to reach the top within 15-20 minutes. The view was awesome and there wasn’t much tourists. We just soaked in the atmosphere and enjoyed its beauty at our own pace. I think it became very important for us to enjoy the moment and not to feel pressurised by the crowd. Having our own space to remember this place. I do feel Lake Bled is an underrated place and I hope more will come to discover this beauty.

We made our way down before nightfall and went to have a look at their Christmas flea market. Wow, it was very happening with live band singing and people dancing near the bonfire. We enjoyed hot mulled wine (it’s a must-try) during winter season and sat on a bench by the lake. So romantic.

We settled for dinner at our hotel as it’s the best options available. And it seemed like a popular option among many tourists too. It was buffet dinner with a good spread. There’s love station and I actually overheard someone asking the Chef to cook the meat medium done or something… of course the Chef can’t be bothered lol!

The cold weather made me so hungry and also made my skin peeled like nobody’s business. Thank god there’s Loccitane store nearby. And I brought my trusty lip balm. The next morning, we strolled around the lake and enjoyed our last cuppa latte before we set headed back to Ljubljana to catch our bus to Vienna. We tried the mutton soup at the Christmas flea and it was sweet and good.

Thankfully we bought the premium seats for the bus as the ride was estimated to be more than 6 hours. Really needed the extra leg space. But the bus reached Vienna before schedule time, so no complaints.

Overall, I kind of miss Slovenia and had good experience in Ljubljana and Bled. I reckon one of the factors was that it’s less touristy and we had appreciated the tranquility and the slow pace. I would say I fell in love with Lake Bled. 💜