Burnt Ends – 1 Star Michelin Restaurant in Singapore

If you have not heard of Burnt Ends, well you may be living under a rock or in a cave. 🙂 It has been on my dining checklist for years literally (my hubby is the perfect witness), as I kept mentioning the hopes of visiting this place. But it’s so difficult to reserve online for seats and we are talking about at least 3 months in advance! This 1 Star Michelin Restaurant is not only a hot favourite among the locals, but also tourists. We saw one dining happily beside us. 🙂

It is located at Teck Lim Road, opposite the Potato Head Singapore. You’ll need to walk from either Outram Park or Chinatown MRT station to get here.

With regard to the reservations, you can see on their website with openings on counter seat (popular seats coz you get to see them preparing the food in action), bar seat (seated on high chairs facing away the kitchen and facing the walls), and there’s group seats available with minimum spending required. I decided to check out their website during the midst of my wedding prep (coz too stressed and I yearned for good food), and I managed to score a lunch slot on a Saturday. And yes, you’ll need to fill in your credit card details.

So 3 months later, we finally got the chance to dine at Burnt Ends. We were so excited (mostly me haha), and already knew what we wanted beforehand though they had updated their menu slightly.

1. Smoked quail egg and cavier

At first we read somewhere and thought that it was $15 for 2 eggs… but nope. It’s $15 for 1 smoked quail egg with cavier. But we decided to go ahead coz we would never know when we will have the chance to dine here again. The explosion in the mouth was seriously omg.

2. Eggplant and miso

Another must-try would be this tasty eggplant and miso – Hubby doesn’t like eggplant usually but even he agreed this was awesome.

3. Burnt Ends Sangar

This burger is made up of pulled pork shoulders, coleslaw, Chipotle Aioli with Brioche Bun. The texture of the meat tasted soft and chewy. And I love the brioche bun. Initially we thought it was going to be more of a sampling size but it was a huge burger – around the size of my palm or bigger! The waiter recommended us to share it instead of ordering one each. Thankfully we heeded the advice.

4. Flat Iron, Burnt Onions and Bone Marrow

The waiter recommended us around 220g of meat and showed it to us before it’s grilled. The waiter also suggested to add salad (Butterhead Lettuce) to neutralise the taste with a more refreshing take. Omg there’s some kind of sorcery in the lettuce! So fresh and tasty and crunchy.

5. Berry Tart

By the time for dessert, we were so full. But as usual, there’s always space for desserts. Berry tart wasn’t on the menu but thankfully we did our research and ordered Berry Tart. I’m usually not a berry kind of person but their berry tart was not too sweet. You know sometimes when you eat some tarts or cakes, you can’t manage beyond a few bites. But this berry tart has the right texture and thin delish crust.

6. Marshmallow

We ordered marshmallow too, though we were very full by then. But we just wanted to taste it. The perfect ending to our meal.

Overall, we spent around SGD190 in total and we definitely would want to come back (I wanna try their King Crab!) and it was money well spent on an awesome meal. Understood the hype about it but I would say the bar seats were good, we had our own cozy space and basically, it’s alright not to be seated facing the kitchen. Can’t wait for our next time here.