Prague 4D3N Winter Holidays

Kept procrastinating about blogging the last leg of our honeymoon. We pinned high hopes after hearing others of their travel adventures. Prague is pretty but may be not to our liking due to the new year crowd.

We lived at Hotel Modra Ruze due to its good location near the Old Town Square. The square was bustling with crowd and basically most of the attractions were there and within walking distance. The hotel was kind of old which needs some refurbishments. But overall not much complains due to its good location.

We settled for lunch nearby as we reached Prague from Vienna after a 4-hour train ride. A main course and a drink in a decent restaurant easily cost us SGD35 per pax.

We headed to swan lake before it started to turn dark. Beautiful scenery and finally saw the famous the Charles bridge.

The Christmas flea experience and festive vibes were so contagious! The old town square came alive with a big stage concert, ornaments, food stalls and many more. Of course, no experience is complete without drinking a hot drink – we went for hot Apple cider instead of mulled wine this time.

We explore the streets and were strolling along an alley when suddenly everyone ran away from a spot. We were clueless as to what was going on and realised a fireworks box was placed in the middle of the street and we quickly ran to a corner. Fireworks went off so loud and just right above us! We made a mental note to check out suspicious looking box on the streets while we walked! Haha.

We found a Chinese restaurant which offers affordable Chinese food and almost all of the customers are Chinese. We over ordered the first time there with dumplings and fish and rice and soup.

The next day, we had our breakfast in the hotel before we explored the other side of Prague – Lennon Wall, Waldstein garden/palace etc. Had some mandatory shots with the astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, lovely swans!

We climbed a distance up and the view was not too bad. The Starbucks was packed but I can understand why. Good view with a cuppa coffee always work.

Had quick lunch at a restaurant bar in which a simple meal cost us SGD25 per pax. Well, this is the price range you can expect at a touristy area. On our way back, we saw people queuing to touch and rub the golden dog plague for good luck. And it’s cute. 🙂

We went up the Old Town Bridge Tower to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Prague. Very crowded down and up there – we were stuck at a spot for a long time before we could move.

We bought tickets for the Astronomical tower in advance and was thankful as there was a Super Long queue nearing the sunset timing. From the tower, we saw rooftop bar by chance and we decided to go there to check out the place, which happened to be an IG spot Terasa U Prince.

We could still see the crowd at the TOP of the astronomical tower from the Terasa U Prince rooftop! You just need to pay an entry fee which includes a drink while you enjoy the sunset and some photo-taking. Thereafter, I fell sick the next day. 🙁

We got pretty bored by the third day as many shops were closed during new year eve and new year and had to wait till 2 Jan before we can do our last minute shopping. It was my only chance to get my stuff!

We checked off a few stuff off our itinerary. Had breakfast at Cafe Milano, one of the best coffee shops in Prague, did some shopping. I was lucky to get my dream bag for the longest time! (Waited for 1 year? Because the original book tote was too big for me) I’ve been waiting for the Dior small book tote and of course you have to be put on wait list in SG even after deposit or if there’s any slot for you. I asked the SA if they have it coz it wasn’t on display and my feelings went from upset to surprise within a minute when she said she has the small book tote! We went to take some shots at the Dancing House too.

We managed to visit some cute cats at a nearby cat cafe, just 5-min walk away from the Dancing House.

We ended off our trip with a soothing Thai massage which was located right inside our hotel! That’s a big bonus. Thai massage is apparently a big thing in Prague as we saw a lot of shops offering this massage service in the Old Town.

Overall, Prague was pretty but I supposed it seemed a bit similar to Budapest and we were tired towards the end of our trip. In terms of expenditure, dining there certainly isn’t cheap so do bring along some euros and Czech crowns!