Temple of Poseidon – Best Sunset View

Europe, Greece

While at Athens, there were many options for day trips and we went for Cape Sounion to See Temple of Poseidon. It’s the best half day trip you can opt for if you have limited time there.

The temple sits above a beach on a mountain, facing the sea. It’s also the southern most tip of the Attic Peninsula. The route towards Cape Sounion allowed us to have a scenic view, if you are seated on the right side of the vehicle.

We made a pit stop for some photo taking opportunities and really felt like we were chasing the sunset. The endless Aegean sea exuded this calm and tranquil feel.

And finally we reached the Temple of Poseidon, in which it’s named after Poisedon “God of Sea”. The 16 columns (now left 15) stood tall against the sun and we were just amazed how these columns can stood the test of time and harsh environment.

There were a crowd waiting at the top and some at the only cafe located there. So no worries about having to go to the washroom at this place.

Then it was sunset time and everyone was camping at some spaces to snap their cameras away. I have to say it’s the best sunset spot, not Meteora or Santorini in my opinion.

And then it was time to chase the last stream of ray before it gets too dark to make our way back. ✌🏻



Santorini – The Proposal

Europe, Greece

Besides being an absolute gorgeous place, Santorini will always hold a special place in my heart as my bae proposed to me there. ✌🏻

We went to Oia to catch sunset and he chose a quiet corner to propose. A kind Samaritan actually took a photo of us and found me on IG to DM me! Totally grateful for the snapshot of our precious moment.

In Santorini, there’s 2 popular areas – Oia and Fira where tourists usually stay. We chose Fira as it’s near the city centre and we booked this place named Noni’s Apartment. It’s an awesome place to live for those who want a great sea view. We took Ryan Air from Athens and arrived after 1 hour flight time. After check-in, we toured around and searched for 3 Bells of Fira.

We settled upon this garden-themed cafe for lunch and went back to this place for dinner as well. In between, we had the Asian food at this China Famous Foods and the meal was comforting. There’s also a cafe selling nuts and coffee in which their coffee was priced at only sgd2!

As the weather was good, we decided to go Oia on our first day there to catch the sunset. Little did we know that the decision was right as bae was down with food poisoning the very next day. There’s abundance of cats wandering around the island and all of them look so chubby and cute. 🐱

Would highly recommend to go there earlier to reserve a seat for the sunset view as there’s a lot of people stationing there when we reach. But of course we were busy with our proposal haha. 😄

The very next day, bae was down with food poisoning and had to rest the entire day. We suspected it was because of the salmon that he had at the garden themed cafe for dinner, as he only threw up the salmon the very next morning. So I went around on my own and actually did decent shopping in Santorini. The weather at Santorini is erratic – it can be hot and sunny this minute and it suddenly pours the very next.

It’s pretty easy to explore Santorini and I’m impressed with my own self timer shots haha.

I did see donkeys being used as a form of transport whereby tourists can get a ride up and down to the Bay Area but after seeing how some donkeys are treated, I would not recommend taking this service.

I chanced upon a seafood restaurant named Lithos and got my bae out for lunch. He’s still recovering and looking better.

On the third day, we took up this private yacht tour to see the various beaches of Santorini and volcano. We were being driven to a Bay Area and boarded the yacht with few others.

The start of it was thrilling as the yacht sped against the tide but after a while, everyone was trying hard not to throw up LOL!

We docked at the volcano area to have lunch buffet but most of us did not have the appetite to eat. We began to feed the sea gulls instead.

For those who would like visit Santorini from Athens, I’ll recommend 3-4 days time to explore and enjoy the scenic views of Santorini. I hope to be back here again some day. 🙂



Districts in Athens – Plaka, Monstiraski, Psyrri

Europe, Greece


One of my favorite neighbourhood in Athens is Plaka.  Near the Acropolis, Plaka has this unique village feel where you can relax with a cuppa of coffee at sidewalk cafes, or get lost in this labyrinth. You can also find souvenir shops in this oldest district, lined with picturesque houses and narrow lanes. Overall, it gives you the feeling of travelling back in time.



We had coffee at this famous Melina Merkouri Cafe and I just love the feeling of people-watching and doing nothing. 🙂


Before coffee, we had our lunch just opposite Melina Cafe and again, the food really got me so happy!


At night, we came here for dinner and Plaka transformed to a romantic place. We chose this restaurant (Do not know the name in English so you may refer to the picture with its name in Greek). Something that I realised here was that they will help to cut up the fish whenever you order, which I really appreciated this service.







Monastiraki is a large part of Plaka district, is also known as the flea market in the old town of Athens. It’s also a popular tourist hangout and you will feel overwhelmed by the crowd. There is a popular, old traditional tavern named Bairaktaris Μπαϊρακτάρης which served all-day souvlaki kebabs and hearty Greek dishes. As recommended by our Greek friend, we just had to head down and check it out. We ate to our heart’s content and the portion was certainly huge!


Psyrri offers a vivid nightlife, known for restaurants, night bars, pubs etc. Located in this hip neighbourhood of Psyrri in a quiet street, there is this quirky cafe named Little Kook. You find yourself transform to a magical wonderland with its lavish decor!


We just had to visit this Little Kook and immersed ourselves in this wonderland. But be warned that there will be long queues and we were so lucky to get a seat.

During our stay in Athens Gate Hotel, we visited Lotte Bistrot Cafe located nearby. It is a cozy bistro bar which offers coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a good place to kick-start your day before you visit the Acropolis or the Modern Acropolis Msueum.


Another good eating place would be Athina Bistrot just round the corner of Athens Gate Hotel. We went there twice as their food was really good and they were still opened even on Christmas Day! They have one of the best moussaka.


I’ll update another entry on our day trip – Temple of Poseidon. Stay tuned!



Greece – Meteora

Europe, Greece

We didn’t plan for this before our trip to Greece and I still remembered we booked it on Christmas eve night for this last minute tour on Christmas Day itself. For those who are heading to Greece during the Christmas period, you may want to take note that the stores will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day so you may want to plan a day trip nearby. Also, not all tours operate on these 2 days too.

So bae and I sat at hotel lobby on Christmas eve at 8pm-10pm, frantically googling potential trips that we can go the very next day until our eyes were so tired. LOL. And lady luck was with us! We managed to secure slots with Meteora Thrones – Travel Center and the monasteries were opened! Lucky us.

So we headed to take the train the day after and the ride was very long – 6 hours. We took the train at Athens station to Thessaloniki station. We reached Meteora only around 2pm and joined the tour. We were close to frustration as our wifi was not working and we were so bored on board. But along the way, we saw beautiful sceneries from dry land to land covered in snow.

Meteora is listed as one of the UNESCO heritage list and is located in town near Kalambaka. It’s well known for the six monasteries perched on the high cliffs.  The view simply took our breath away and we totally forgot the suffering we had to reach here. (But we got reminded once we were heading back to Athens LOL)


Due to time constraint, we only visited 2 monasteries – Great Meteoran Monastery and the Monastery of St Stephen. I would recommend to those who are heading to Athens, to make a day trip to this awesome place. Some of you may even recognise Meteora if you are a fan of Game of Thrones.

The tour allowed us to stop over at famous spots along the driveway and we caught one of the most beautiful sunset. It looks like heaven on earth.


The sunset viewing spot was popular as everyone crowd at the spot to witness the last ray of light.


Of course, we endured the way back to Athens during the 6-hour ride but it was all worth it. 🙂