Travel Tips

I often have questions from my friends about travelling and thought it would be great to share some tips when travelling.

#1 Pack Light

I know this is probably the most difficult tips to execute of all as we always want to pack EVERYTHING if possible. If you are boarding a flight with only a carry-on luggage, all the more you should pack light! It would be good to check the luggage limit as every airlines have their own limit. You wouldn’t want to be caught with a nasty surprise for exceeding that limit and be requested to pay additional cost for your overweight luggage.

travel gadgets

#2 Bring extra charger/cables/batteries

The worst that can ever happen is that you are trying to capture that perfect moment only to realize your camera is dead. Your iphone is dead. To avoid this problem, I would recommend to shortlist and bring maximum 2 gadgets along. 1 iphone and 1 GoPro/Camera along with you while travelling. Unless you have a partner in crime or an entire video crew with you, it is really tiring and impractical to bring along so many travel gadgets; only to realize you need to bring more portable chargers and cables with you in case the batteries went dead on you.


#3 Get a Travel Insurance

No matter how short or how long your trip will be, it is always a MUST to get a travel insurance to safeguard yourself.

#4 Bring Medications

Emergencies do happen when you are overseas. Once, I fell sick overseas for the entire week and my medicine kind of tide me through. During a visit to Santorini, my fiance had food poisoning and thankfully we brought the necessary medicine along to ease upset stomach. On another occasion, I had gotten very bad bed bug bites from an overnight coach and so grateful that my travel buddy brought an anti-itch pill along. If not, I would be scratching myself the entire time, being tortured by the bites. So, do bring medications for emergencies use.

#5 Bring hard copies and save soft copies of your trip itineraries

Yes I know you are thinking that in this digital era, do we still need a hardcopy for hotel check-in? The answer is yes, depending on which country you are going and the practices of the hotel industry. In Indonesia, hard copies are usually needed for airport transfer, check-in purposes etc. So it wouldn’t hurt to print out your itinerary just in case it’s really needed.

travel luggage

#6 Stay Connected

The most important thing for me would be to stay connected. This means to get yourself a local data SIM card or to rent a WIFI router. Staying connected means you can reach out to anyone during the trip in case of emergencies. In addition, you are able to navigate your way easily using Google Map. I would not depend on public or hotel WIFI due to security reasons and if the WIFI speed is strong or up-to-speed. The investment for staying connected is top priority for me. Especially the need for Instagram postings. 😀

So here’s some tips for travelling that you may want to consider. What’s yours?